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We work Swiftly with Style, and Swag

For the same, we develop goals and objectives for your event all the way right from the first meeting until the big day. Our formulated five-step process promises to heighten guest experience, and it is engineered down to cover everything, from the last dessert spoon to the proper send-off after capturing the perfect photos and portraits.

We guarantee that your celebration will be as amazing, as engaging, as stunning, and as memorable as you wish.

We collaborate to bring about the magical event you envisioned by listening, planning, prioritizing, and combining the expertise of our well-rounded team, and well-formed team.

Whatever your budget is, we seek to make it as distinctive, spectacular, and successful as possible while staying within it.

Set the date for the big day and focus on what matters the most to you. We make decisions with pace and organize events without any hassle.

We develop a master plan for the event by carefully considering all the key elements such as end dates, budget, location, guests, and more in the first place to ensure everything proceeds without a hitch.

We cherrypick the venues for you, assist you in choosing one that fits your wedding's style, theme, and budget, and ensure that the arrangements planned are executed as expected.

We brand the event stage by stage as envisioned so as to make it as memorable as pleasurable.

The Estimate

Weddings could range anywhere from a minimum of $35,000 to $65,000 for a simple venue for 150 to 200 pax which price includes Venue, Catering, Decorations, DJ, and professional Cameramen for a Video shoot and Photography.     

For a premium and classy location venues such as hotel ballroom or popular locations such as water facing or a scenic site for 150 to 200 pax could range anywhere from $45,000 to $85,000 which includes Venue, Catering, Decorations, DJ, and professional Cameramen for a Video shoot and Photography.      

Obviously and needless to mention that wedding costs may vary depending on how many guests you're inviting and how formal of an occasion you want your nuptials to be which can be an uphill climb. The sky’s the limit. Geography matters, too...destination weddings or nontraditional venues such as barns, farms, historic homes, wineries, museums, and parks to bring their personalities to life on their wedding day can further double up the cost.

Trend these days with couples aim to create the ultimate guest experience with photo booths, sparklers, selfie stations, games, musical performances, wine and liquor tastings, magicians, helicopter or luxury yacht transfers, etc., it can just keep going on endlessly. Cultural elements in weddings or engagements, examples such as a traditional Maori Dance, Bollywood Dancers, Bhangra Dancers, Chinese tea ceremonies; flamenco guitarists; Irish step dancers, bagpipers, traditional Jewish hora dance; Moroccan belly dancers, etc., will inevitably bloat the cost.

Royale Wedding and Event Planners will assist you in meeting your target budget or customize your wedding making it not only affordable but sincerely guide you through making your dreams come true within your budget or even less at times.

Our Events Packages

Simple Wedding

$35k to $65k

Premium Wedding

$45k to $85k

Other Services We Offer

Cermony Venue
Photography & Videography
DJ & Cermony musicians
Make up
Wedding Attires
Wedding Cake & Catering
Decorators & Florist
From weddings and other social celebrations to festivities, corporate events, and holiday parties, We plan events and gatherings of every sorts, Give us your theme and we promise to add every possible shimmer and twinkle to your celebration.

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